Darrell Who?

Darrell Bernard Harrison serves as Dean of Social Media at Grace to You, the Bible-teaching ministry of John MacArthur, in Valencia, California. Darrell is a biblical counselor-in-training with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) and is the lead host of the Just Thinking Podcast, one of the leading Christian podcasts in America.

Darrell is a veteran of the United States Army where he served six years as a member of the United States Army Intelligence Security Command (USAINSCOM). He is a fellow of the Black Theology and Leadership Institute (BTLI) at Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS) in Princeton, New Jersey and a graduate of the Theology and Ministry certificate program at PTS.

Darrell is a popular writer, speaker, and cultural apologist with a particular passion for helping Christians navigate biblically through matters related to social justice and racial reconciliation. In his spare time, Darrell enjoys reading, writing, listening to classical music (especially baroque), watching classic black-and-white films (1930s-1950s), studying church history, and watching NCAA and NFL football. His favorite teams are the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the Atlanta Falcons.

Darrel and his wife, Melissa, reside in Santa Clarita, California and have three adult children: Collin, Naomi, and Yasmine, all of whom reside in their native Atlanta, Georgia.

Darrell can be reached on the Contact page, via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and via e-mail at info@justthinking.me.

22 thoughts on “Darrell Who?

  1. Annie Kauffman

    Darrell, I have thoroughly enjoyed your most recent posts!! Thank you so much for writing and keep them comin’!! (Annie from California … Malibu Presbyterian Church)

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    One of my white brothers, an elder, just shared your “melanin Jesus” post with me. I’ve never heard of you & I have genuine affection for my brother. What struck me most is that this is a brother who never has much to say towards race relations in our country. I on the other hand am very vocal mostly. And I notice the hoards of minority groups fleeing Christ & his church because to them he represents someone who doesn’t care for their kind. Doesn’t speak up for them & doesn’t defend them. And they get this representation from the way he’s presented to our country by “White christianity.”
    My point is, in the face of all this, I was not thrilled to see my silent brother finally speak up just to say, “Jesus isn’t black either. ” While I do believe that’s theologically true, for him to ignore so many other helpful things he could say, only to add this to the conversation was less than helpful. Just wanted to share that with you. Blessings

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  4. I’m new to finding you. I read some of your twitter replys and thought “who is this man?” You are deeper in your relationship with Jesus than most people I come across. Please keep giving us the hard truth! So grateful to God to be able to get your messages!

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  6. Marcus Bethel

    Mr,Harrison , it is refreshing to see a man of color with such high reverence for the word of GOD . To often in the black church is just about social justice and antics like being ” slain in the spirit ” .You’ll be hard pressed to find a reformed church with any black people in it . Let the reformation begin in our black churches . But we need real expository preachers and not self help and social justice leaders in the pulpit . GOD BLESS

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  7. Evie A.

    Your tweets are so thought provoking that I thought I would subscribe to your blog. I appreciate your insights and perspectives, not to mention your love for our Lord. Thanks for all the time and energy you spend giving us rich food for thought!

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  11. Sam Buick

    Brother Darrell, you are a great encouragement. I always look forward to hearing what you and Virgil have to present and discuss. Thank you for all the effort and hard work you put into the podcast. You are a blessing in my life and I thank the Lord for you and pray for you, and Virgil as you serve the body of Christ in this way, as encouragers and exhorters to pursue the Lord Jesus and the truth of His sovereign Word. Everything depends on the Word of God. Thank you for being a faithful steward of the Word. Blessings from Canada.

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  12. benn5000

    Brother Darrell,
    Your love for our Lord Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, Is being used in a mighty way to open the eyes of those lost in the lies of the enemy. Thank you so much my brother for standing for the truth. Keep up the good fight. You give me courage. I pray for your strength and protection.
    Love in Christ,
    Bob Bennett
    Daniel 12:3

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